Preparing your property for viewings

Whenever a potential buyer contacts us wanting to view your property, we will contact you straight away to arrange a date and time. You should ensure your home is prepared in such a way that it is presented in the best possible light.

For hints and tips on this please see our Preparing to sell your house or property online page.

We believe that the best person to sell your home is the one that knows it the best - you!

Be obliging and flexible when it comes to meeting buyers. They might request to view your home at a time that isn’t right for you, but you could be turning down a great opportunity.

Preparing your property for sale


We will give you the buyers name and will have on record the address and telephone numbers of the viewer. We recommend that you should never host a viewing alone - even if you live alone you can ask a relative, friend or neighbour to be with you.

The Gracious Welcome

It is important to pretend that the prospective viewer is the person who will buy your house.  Avoid being impatient, aggressive or unfriendly. You may spend a few months in contact with that person, so it is best to create a good working relationship from the outset (besides the fact that they will be more reluctant to haggle if they like you!).

  1. Don’t expect the buyer to remove their shoes, unless you are selling to a buyer for whom religious or cultural reasons mandate it. Otherwise, the presumption is insulting.
  2. Give the buyer some space. They won’t talk about the house in front of you or open doors with you standing there.
  3. Don’t pressure or hurry the buyer. Tell the buyer to take all of the time that is needed.

Check the Temperature

Now is not the time to worry about your utility bill. Make sure that the house is warm enough to not require a jumper. You want the temperature inside to be comfortable and to give the buyer more of a reason to linger.

Light up the House

  1. Turn on every light in the house, including appliance lights.
  2. Brighten dark rooms with few windows with table lamps or standard lamps.
  3. Turn off the television.
Property Viewings

Make sure you have as much information to hand as possible.

Such as:

  1. Any guarantees for work carried out on the property - e.g. damp-proofing, extension, rewire etc.
  2. Any guarantees for goods you are leaving - eg fridge, washing machine, boiler etc.
  3. You may not have current guarantees for everything you are leaving but still try to remember how long ago the work was carried out or the item brought. This knowledge shows that you care for your home and are on top of what may need replacing and when.
  4. Council tax - a common question. What band are you in and how much is it?
  5. What are your neighbours like? This is another common question and you need to be truthful. One of the questions your solicitor will ask is whether there have been any disputes with your neighbours so, if there have, it is best to be open about it at this stage.
  6. Where is the nearest school and where is the catholic/private school etc?
  7. Depending on your location: Where is the nearest train station/bus stop? Where do they go?  What is the drive into town like in rush hour?
  8. Where is the nearest shopping centre/supermarket or are the local shops just as good?
  9. What are the local amenities and where are they? - eg cinema, gym, restaurants, nightlife, theatre.
  10. Lastly, many potential buyers will ask you why you are moving. Don’t take offence at this - they don’t want to know your business. They are just seeking assurances that you aren’t escaping problem neighbours or that a factory isn’t about to be built over the road etc.

Having as much information to hand as possible is professional and lets the viewer go away with as much information as possible with which to make a decision. Buyers can easily go off the boil waiting for you to get back to them with answers that they may have expected you to know. However, if you don’t know an answer then say so - don’t guess or make up an answer. Tell the viewer you will find out as soon as possible and make sure you keep to this.

After each viewing we will check how it went and call or email you with the feedback. If we receive an offer on your property we will then negotiate to get the best price for you.