Accepting an offer on your property

Congratulations! You have accepted an offer for the sale of your property. Turtle Homes will send you an email confirming the details and your property is now officially “under offer”.

Turtle Homes Online Estate Agent - Sold

We will undertake due diligence at this stage and ensure that the buyer is in a proceedable position to buy your property.  Will will check that they have funds in place and that if they are involved in a chain, it is complete. We will also ask for copies of their identification and their solicitor details so they can start the legal process.

You are not legally committed to the sale at his stage, and you can still listen to other offers if you choose, although as a goodwill gesture, we recommend that you change your property to "Sold subject to Contract.

Similarly, the buyer has the right to pull out of the purchase at any time up to the point of exchanging contracts. So, although things are moving nicely, until contracts have been officially exchanged, there are still hurdles to overcome.  The buyer may commission a survey on your property. If the survey highlights potential problems, the buyer may try and re-negotiate the sale price to take any works into account.  Sometimes it makes sense to correct any problems yourself in order to retain the agreed price.