Negotiating your property price

Negotiating your property price is the most crucial stage in determining the sale of your property and the amount it will eventually sell for. It can be a real test of nerve and the negotiation of your sale will be a three way exchange between you, online estate agents, and the buyer.

By weighing up your own circumstances and those of the buyer, and with some guidance from us, you can decide on a strategy for successful and realistic negotiations

Understanding your property price

Your own circumstances will play a major role in the negotiation process for the sale of your property. You may be under time pressure to get an offer on your current property in order to secure the home you wish to move to. In this case you may be willing to settle for a lower offer to keep your dream property in sight. You may be under no time pressure at all and be keen to maximise the return on your investment, in which case you can play a little harder to get.

Either way, bear in mind that the longer you take to sell your property, the more you leave yourself open to a possible decline in the property market. There may be a huge demand for your property, with lots of offers coming in thick and fast, or your property may stay on the market for months with only a single offer. Gauge the market conditions to understand if you can afford to hold out for the asking price, or whether you may be better of taking any decent offer you can generate. Whatever the circumstances are, be sure to discuss them with Turtle Homes and work with us to create a strategy for dealing with offers that will get you to the desired outcome as soon as possible.

Online estate agent negotiating

Understanding your buyer's position

The buyer’s circumstances should also be taken into account when you think about price negotiations. Are they chain-free and able to move quickly?  Are they cash buyers?  Are they currently in a position that could work in your advantage in terms of a quick transaction?

Remember too, that if the buyer is under time pressure they are in a weaker bargaining position and you can afford to hold out for a higher offer.

Hopefully you will agree a price and accept the offer.