Rightmove Online Estate Agent

Rightmove online estate agent

Did you know that turtlehomes.co.uk are the cheapest way to list your property on Rightmove in the UK?

Turtlehomes.co.uk online estate agents are the cheapest way in the UK to list your property on Rightmove with fees starting from just £195. 

“More than 50% of our property enquiries come from the Rightmove property portal.”

Sell your property on Rightmove

Rightmove do not allow private sales or third party advertising on the website, this means that if you are selling without an estate agent you will not be able to list your property on rightmove.co.uk, This rule also covers all private sales websites.

Rightmove have created a significantly more convenient and effective way for home hunters to find their next home: up-to-date property information, available for free, accessible 24 hours a day to anyone with web access and far more complete in terms of numbers of properties and depth of detail on each property than through other traditional advertising media.

In fact, Rightmove claim to advertise over 90% of all properties for sale in the United Kingdom.  Peter Brooks-Johnson, the chief executive, said in July 2017 that it had a third more stock listed online than Zoopla, and that 75% of all time spent on major portals was spent on Rightmove.

Subscribe to Rightmove Alerts

If you are looking to buy a property we strongly recommend that you subscribe to Rightmove alerts to ensure that you are automatically emailed any new new instructions that fit your criteria.  New estate agent listings are instantly uploaded to Rightmove so you will generally receive an email from Rightmove before an estate agent has had chance to inform you that a new property has come onto the market or had it's price reduced.

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Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can quickly and effectively sell your property on Rightmove from just £195.

Rightmove Premium Listing

Turtlehomes.co.uk are also able to upgrade your property to a Rightmove Premium Listing for just £100 which increases interest in your home.

Online Estate Agents Reviews

Many of our customers feel that advertising on Rightmove is the key to finding a buyer for their property.  Here's what they have to say:

"We opted for the basic package as didn't see the point in spending thousands on commission etc. with an estate agent, especially as getting on to Right Move is the key. We had multiple viewings over a few weeks and sold the house within about six weeks. The Turtle Homes staff were attentive and helpful without ever being pushy or intrusive. Highly recommend!"


"I can't see how any traditional estate agent could have done anything more than Turtle.  Laura was always helpful and came back to me quickly.  The standard of the photography of my house was excellent - far better than photographs of other properties on Rightmove.  I would use them again - and they were recommended to me in the first place. And of course, MUCH cheaper  :-)"


"I chose to use Turtle Homes after receiving two personal recommendations from successful sellers and now, as a successful seller myself, I can also recommend them. Though I was selling in Newcastle upon Tyne and Turtle Homes are based in Gloucester, there were no problems thanks to prompt and detailed email responses to any queries and the use of locally based professionals to take photographs, prepare property plans, supply the EPC certificate and erect the 'For Sale Board'. The whole process of getting the property listed on Right Move was quick, easy and mostly arranged by or done by Laura at Turtle Homes (though I chose to write the property details myself).  Only 4 weeks after my initial contact with Turtle Homes, the property was sold subject to contract. Laura maintained contact and kept the process moving right up to completion."


"A great way to get our house onto Right Move, and sell it quite quickly."


"I went for the mid package. worth every penny. I was on rightmove and zoopla, which is were everybody looks first. I averaged 1 viewing a week for 7/8 weeks and then accepted an offer.
the team were there all the way through, always answered the phone and emails even if sometimes I thought they were getting fed up of me giving them hassle.

I will be using turtle again when I sell another house."