We have had many satisfied customers who have been impressed by the level of our online estate agent service for such a low fee:

"We would HIGHLY recommend Turtle Homes. We took the riskiest option of paying £300 upfront but have not been disappointed. We sold within 3 days and when the buyer later changed her mind, Richard Tuck was very helpful."

Barbara, Gloucester

We were straight back on the market and sold again within a week. They did all the details and photos to a high standard and have been very supportive throughout. A much better service than we've previously received elsewhere for less than 5 times the cost.

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"I always thought that estate agents earn a lot for not doing much, so I decided to use an online agent. They took five days to sell my home for the asking price and rather than being a stressful experience, it was an enjoyable one."

Kerry Lyon, Bristol (as featured in the DailyMail)

Kerry, who lives with husband Stuart and their children Freya and Jasper, was happy to conduct the viewings because she works from home and felt that as she knows her home better than any agent could, she'd be best placed to answer questions from potential buyers.

The process was not only quick and cheap, but a rewarding one, as Mrs Lyon felt she was in control.

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"We want to say a big thank you to you and your team for your professionalism and your attentive service."

Ben, Faringdon

Tomorrow I also complete the purchase on a 'development' property and will be selling that within 6-12 months once renovated and if OK with you would be delighted to use you once again? Till then all the best and many thanks.

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"Offered the best price to get onto Rightmove, which was all I really cared about to start with. After this Richard handled all of my enquiries professionally and chased them up without me asking and gaining feedback from my viewings."

David, Warrington

I paid the upfront fee and thought that this meant that there was little incentive to be pro active with selling my property, but in reality Turtle homes were very helpful and I would highly recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to pay extortionate estate agent fees.

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"Thanks for all your help; VERY impressed with your Company. Good luck banishing Estate Agents' fees!"

Glen, Slough

"Thanks Richard, I tried another online estate agency a couple of years ago and there were a few complaints from prospective viewers on not answering phones or getting back to people"

Terri, Crawley

I'm more than pleased with your level of customer service, two viewers also commented on it so thank you again - good to hear my neighbours are onboard too...

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"I have been pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily I got a buyer for my property using a web estate agent - 3 days infact!"

John Collier, Solihull

Richard and his team have been helpful, friendly and willing to try to find solutions to any problems that arose. Equally important is that the costs of using this type of estate agent are a lot less than those of normal shop based agents.

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"Hi Richard, I am very pleased to tell you that we have exchanged this afternoon, and want to thank you for your very professional and friendly service."

Lynne, Warwick

I will definitely be recommending you, and will use your service again in the future. Many thanks again, and all the very best with the success of your business.

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"Richard and his team were extremely professional, pleasant, helpful and efficient. As soon as my home was put on the market the enquiries started to come in and I was contacted with several quality viewings"

Patricia Foster, Evesham

Before putting my house on the market I thought long and hard about how I would do this. Would I use a the traditional High street agent which would incur fees in £000’s or go to an online estate agent for a fraction of the cost?

Consequently I decided to ask Turtle Homes a web based agent to market my home.

I certainly have not been disappointed and I can safely say I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wishing to sell their property. Richard and his team were extremely professional, pleasant, helpful and efficient. As soon as my home was put on the market the enquiries started to come in and I was contacted with several quality viewings (which, as it turns out we didn't need as the first viewer bought it!).

The team were a welcome support during the legal progression of the sale and kept us up to date with the progress of the other purchasers in the chain. More importantly they were always accessible and willing to help with all aspects of the sale.

Much is made about having an agent that has a physical presence on the high street, however in my experience using an online agent was just as effective and I would challenge a high street agent to sell the property any faster. Despite not being advertised in a newspaper, magazine or having a photo in a shop window I felt that my property got just a much coverage: indeed more due to all the online sites that Turtle Homes use and a virtual tour on U Tube. The net result was a quick and sale for me plus the advantage of saving huge amounts of money compared to high street agents.

If you are looking for a friendly, reliable and professional service for a fraction of the price of a high street agent then Turtle Homes is definitely worth a try!!

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"Anyone can market a house for sale, however it takes an expert to negotiate a sale and ensure it proceeds to completion. Richard Tuck is one of those experts."

John-Paul Farmer, Droitwich Spa

I do not think our sale would have been completed if it were not for him chasing all parties in the chain, and providing reassurance when all seemed doomed. Our solicitor stated that he was one of the best, if not the best, estate agent she had ever worked with. I completely agree, and his pro-active approach differentiates him from all the rest.

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"When it looked like our house move was in danger of collapsing, Richard from Turtle Homes stepped in swiftly and ensured everything went back on track."

Michael Horton, Redditch

His tenacious approach and effective liaison with all parties meant we were able to move in time for Christmas and were regularly informed of progress through excellent channels of communication. Considering the price charged for Turtle Homes' service, Richard goes far above and beyond what might be expected and offers a far better service and standard of customer care compared to other estate agents who charge far higher; we would recommend their fantastic service to anyone.

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"The service offered by Turtle Homes is very efficient and professional and a good advertisement for online property marketing."

Hilary, Wokingham

I especially appreciated the follow-up email: definitely preferable to a phone call. Kind regards and best wishes for your business venture.

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"Thank you for arranging the viewing at 64 West Street on Saturday, I found your agency extremely professional and friendly."

Simone, Crawley

Unfortunately we have decided that this property is not for us. For feedback I think maybe the next doors garden that is rented and very overgrown could be addressed, but otherwise it was a lovely home.

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"I have to say it was a massive pleasure to work with Turtle homes for the sale of our house."

Kerry Lyon, Bristol

Selling your home without the backing of a high street agent initially seems a bit daunting, however the extortionate costs and their style of business has always put me off. I felt that I knew my house better than anyone, so who better to show people around and answer any house related questions..Me!

The process from start to finish with Turtle Homes was just so easy. I felt that they were honest, supportive and genuine, a service that I am yet to experience from most high street agents. Sign-up was super easy; the marketing material was put together professionally within a few days and then live with the major housing websites the day after.

Richard & Emma were always very quick and efficient; they provided support and advice throughout the process, always answered my calls and emails within a reasonable time frame and at no point did I feel that I was left alone to deal with the sell my house.

As a result of this service my house sold in just 5 days!! and I saved myself an absolute fortune in fees.

Following the acceptance of an offer, the team at Turtle homes then guided me through to completion, chasing relevant parties to encourage a swift exchange and keeping me updated as necessary.

I have since recommended Turtle Homes to my brother, who sold with them within 14 days and I have also recommended to other family members who live within other areas of the UK. I don't plan to move house again for some time, however if I do, I know who I will be calling.

Thanks Turtle Homes!

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"Turtle homes have been fantastic. The decision to sell our home through an online company was a little daunting initially but the fees charged by other estate agents were very high and we didn't feel like any of the estate agents really cared about us selling our home for the right price - just their commission at the end of it."

Claire H, Gloucester. 11/3/2014

Richard, the director of Turtle Homes, seemed a very open and approachable guy, which he was. The process from start to finish with Turtle Homes was stress free. The viewings were arranged by phone and confirmation by email. The potential buyers were informed the homeowner would be present to show them around. Richard was always very quick to reply to any phone calls or emails and provided advice throughout the process (and this was more than most would need as we had not sold a house before) which was gratefully received. Since the sale of our house we have recommended Turtle Homes to a neighbour who now has their house on the market with Turtle Homes. Should we move again in the future we will be sure to sell with Turtle homes. Couldn't have asked for a better service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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"Turtle presented our listing beautifully and we got a buyer very quickly"

Phil Harris, Polperro. 29/1/2014
Richard helped with all the niggles along the way and always returned our calls promptly. This company really does go the extra mile. Highly recommended.

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"From the outset the information and procedure was made very clear and in very simple terms and I was talked through the process from start to finish and this made a huge difference to the whole procedure- in a word Fantastic."

Peter Robinson, Cornwall 27/11/2013

I have recommended them to several people already. They are well worth every penny they charge and for my peace of mind it was brilliant, don't change I know hundreds will benefit from their services in so many ways-Big thank you. I move next week within 5 months of the first call to them, sold within 8 weeks of first call to them!!

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"I looked at several online agents and decided that Turtle Homes was the best as it was 'fuss free' and I could send my own pictures and write my own descriptions"

Adele Clark, Brighton. 29/1/2014
It also happened to be the cheapest. Richard and his team forwarded enquiries via email and I then contacted the interested party. It was important to weed out the sightseers by asking as many questions as possible about their status. Those who didn't respond I knew were time wasters. I sold the house after being on the market for less than a month - and this was in October/November, having also had another offer which I rejected. After a succession of 'having a lookers' being brought round by local agents, and only one very low offer, I was really glad that I had taken these steps. Selling your own home is not for everyone, but if you are confident enough to do so then using Turtle Homes is a fantastic way of doing so.

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"Would highly recommend turtle homes. If you are looking for a cheaper solution to general high st estate agents then Richard Tuck is your man."

Craig George, Bristol. 12/9/2013

Dealt with anything I ask of him and the property was presented very well on rightmove. Would recommend to anyone .

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