What is a Rightmove Premium Listing?

Posted: Monday, September 25, 2017 by

f you’re searching for a property to buy on Rightmove you may have noticed that some of the listings are slightly larger than others and have four photographs instead of the standard two.  These are known as Rightmove Premium Listings. 

According to Rightmove 35% more property brochures are viewed when they are Premium Listed and as a result your property will sell on average 30% quicker than with a regular listing. 

Rightmove Premium Listings are particularly useful if you are selling a property in a competitive area where there are an abundance of similar properties on the market.  As you can see below they really do stand out from the other listings.  They can also be applied when a property has not received as much interest as you would have liked.  It is also useful for properties that have an abundance of selling features since you can display multiple photographs on the listing.

Rightmove Premium Listing example

Summary of Rightmove Premium Listing 

  • Premium Listings are used on desktop, tablet and phone apps. 
  • Includes four photos on the property search, giving buyers increased detail of your home. 
  • Listing includes an attention grabbing sticker to highlight your property, along with a green styled box to help the listing stand out from the others on the page. 
  • A Premium Listing is applied to a property until the sale has completed.


How do I get a Premium Listing for my property? 

There are two ways to ensure that your property is showcased with a Rightmove Premium Listing:  

  1. If you opt for our Premium selling Package your listing you will automatically receive a Rightmove Premium Listing. 
  2. Alternatively if you opt for our Basic or Standard Packages, you can upgrade your listing to a Rightmove Premium Package for just £100 (RRP £125),

 To sell your property on Rightmove as well as many other websites contact the friendly turtlehomes.co.uk team on 020 7549 1603 or by email enquiries@turtlehomes.co.uk