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Posted: Sunday, October 8, 2017 by

At we claim to be the best value online estate agents in the UK so we thought it only fair to undertake some research to compare our costs with our competitors.

Since we started selling property online in 2008, the market has opened up with many newcomers to the online estate agency sector.  On the 29th November we googled the term “online estate agents” for the first time, and recorded all of the agents featuring on the first three pages. Since then we have endeavoured to undertake this task every month to ensure that we are 100% correct in our claim.  

Having a quick look at all of the websites, it became clear that many of the agents advertised a low price, but then added additional charges for extras such as photographs, floor plans, sales progression, for sale boards etc.,  all of which we consider to be part of a standard Estate Agency Service.   So we set a minimum criteria for what we would deem to be the service expected by most vendors as an estate agency service.  This way we could create a level playing field so the cost of each online estate agent could be compared. 

As a minimum we would expect an online estate agency service to offer at least a home visit, price guide, photographs, floor plan, inclusion on Rightmove and Zoopla, a Rightmove Premium Display, for sale board, weekly performance update, arranging viewings, obtaining viewer feedback, negotiating offers, sales chasing and a personal account manager.

Update September 2017 are still the best value online estate agent with fees of £450 including VAT.  The table below demonstrates how fees across the board have in fact increased since we first conducted this study in 2014.  This is due to the increased costs for advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla.


November 2014

The results were very interesting and showed that are still the best value online estate agent offering all of the above for just £325+VAT.  Surprisingly, the most expensive agent currently charges £817+VAT for exactly the same level of service.  

One of the agents had a strange way of charging in that they charge £35+VAT for each viewing.  For our calculations we estimated that an average of six viewings would be required in order to secure a sale.  In reality it is probably closer to ten.  An interesting way of charging customers, though surely it gives the agent an incentive not to sell the property!! 

Please see a full table of results for November 2014 below.  It shows you exactly the service that each online estate agent offers.  Blue entries indicate the services that are included, whereas the red entries show services that are not included, or are chargeable.  We will endeavour to update this table every few months so we can continue to justify our rightful claim as the best value online estate agent in the UK!  

If you would like to find out how you could receive a full online estate agents service for just £325+VAT please call us today on 01452 726421.