6 Last Minute Tips to Prep Your House for Viewings

Posted: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 by

6 Last Minute Tips to Prep Your House for Viewings 

Selling your house can require a lot of patience and persistence. A lot of people ask questions like: What is the average number of viewings to sell a house? Why is my house getting no viewings? Will I ever be able to sell my house?! There is no one answer to the average number of viewings it takes to sell your house; it could be one, it could be a hundred; but to get it closer to one, here are 6 last minute tips to prepare your house for viewings. 

1.    First impressions really do count.

Stand outside your house and compare it with your neighbours. Are you proud of the way it looks or is your house the embarrassment of the street? Many people will judge a house by its exterior, and if it’s not up to standards, you’ve already lost the battle. Many people trawling through online estate agents while looking for their potential new home will just scroll past a house seconds after looking at the outside if it doesn’t excite them. Make those potential buyers stop and check out your house by making sure it looks perfect from the outside.

2.     Declutter!

Right, they’ve seen your house from the outside and are excited to enter; congratulations you’ve won half the battle! Now you don’t want to ruin the viewing by having your house so full of stuff that the potential buyer can barely walk around. You don’t need to take down every ornament and every picture of your pet cat/dog/hamster, but make sure there is nothing lying around on the floors and kitchen or bathroom units. Also make sure there are no clothes drying on racks or anything on the beds or sofa.

3.     Detach yourself from your house.

It’s only natural to want to show off your life by putting up pictures of loved ones and friends throughout your house to remind you of them, but when it comes to a viewing, take them down. Potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in the house, not you and your family, which is quite hard to do when the house is full of pictures of strangers. When people walk around a new build, they can imagine living there more because they know no one has lived there previously, as there is no evidence to show that, so try to make your home feel vacated in that respect.

4.    Check for odors.

You may love your beloved dog and he may have lived with you for so long he’s now basically part of the furniture, but potential buyers might not be too fond of animals. Make sure you take any pets to a friend or family members home, because they may smell, and the same goes for pet food; get rid of it! Make sure all of your bins are empty and the washing up is done. You’d be surprised how a few sprays of air freshener can transform a room in seconds.

5.     Be prepared: Know your house inside out

Some buyers love to put homeowners on the spot. Make sure you do your ‘home’work (pun intended) on your house on things like:

  1. Condition of the central heating system
  2. When the house was re-wired (if it was)
  3. School catchment area
  4. How old the house is
  5. Any insulation queries
  6. Broadband speeds

If you don’t have the knowledge and are evasive, this could look suspicious to an eagle eyed buyer, so do your research!

6.     Sort out the garden.

House sales can be won or lost in the garden. If you’ve got a nice big garden, then show it off! Viewers don’t want to be put off by looking at a meadow... cut the lawn and display it with pride. With the increase of new houses, and the government’s Help to Buy scheme, first time buyers will be debating getting a new build vs old house. Show off your garden with style so they can see that old doesn’t mean boring, it means character!

In summary, there are a hundred and one things to think about when you’re buying or selling a house. With countless mortgages, schemes, solicitors etc around it can be enough to drive some potential buyers up the wall with stress. Make viewing your home a delight for them, and by following these tips, you should hopefully find a buyer in no time.