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How to host a property viewing

Whenever a potential buyer contacts us wanting to view your property we’ll contact you straight away to arrange a date and time.  You should ensure your home is prepared in such a way that it is presented in the best possible light.

For hints and tips on this please see our Preparing Your Property for Letting page.  We believe that the best person to sell your home is the one that knows it the best - you!

Online estate agent property viewings


We will give you the viewers name and will register the tenants address and telephone number.  We recommend that you should never host a viewing alone - even if you live alone you can ask a relative, friend or neighbour to be with you.

Observing your Prospects

The viewing is the time that you often find out useful information about the tenant’s circumstances.  Your tenants’ happiness is of utmost importance to you, if you don’t want to be advertising again in six months.

Experienced landlords will develop their own style when showing prospective tenants a property.  Be positive about the property and emphasise its good points.  While you’re selling the property’s merits, now is your time to observe and learn about the tenant.

Tell-tale signs are there for observing:

  1. Reliability - did they turn up on time, unless they had a good reason to be late.
  2. Is the tenants car clean and tidy.
  3. Personal Appearance - is the person smart and clean and did they make an attempt to make a good impression?
  4. Attitude - is the tenant polite and easy to deal with?
  5. Tenant’s positive or negative reactions to the property, its facilities and to letting arrangements?

Any one of these aspects in itself may not be sufficient to judge, but you will build up a complete picture from all of them.

If you are happy with viewing and the tenants decide to apply for the property we will undertake though referencing checks on your behalf.